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I know this may sound a little wacky but see if it helps. I had (and still have) an awful cavity. I haven't gotten it fixed yet because I know I couldn't afford it. Either way I got married and I am going to the dentist but the quickest apointment is a month from now. Okay theres the story now heres my solution. Try getting a washcloth (or anything really) nice and warm using hot water and hold that to your cheek. In a small glass put some salt (as much as you can take really) and warm water. Stir it with something (preferably clockwise) and swish with it for 30 seconds every mouthful until empty. Then try sleeping a little more elevated than usual. I hope it helps. It does for me; I have tried everything else. Pain killers, Oral gels and liqiuds, magnets, and sleeping with my head facing east.

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if you have any swelling at the painful area, do not put a hot poultice on it as it may be an abscess.

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