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Use GENTIAN VIOLET to get rid of ringworm. I grew up on a farm and we used it to rid our animals of ringworm. It is hard to find and is often an ingredient in antifungal applications with other names, so read labels. It is gentle enough to use on children. If you can't find it in a health food store, look for a feed store that carries supplies for cattle. Gentian violet it liquid and it stains the skin purple so you need to be careful because once it is on the skin it has to fade as the skin exfoliates off.

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Gentian Violet can be found at most pharmacies! They keep it behind the counter. Just ask for it!


The good ole purple stuff is also the best thing I know of to get rid of thrush in babies. I was hesitant at first, and asked the pharmacist. He said it was safe to try, and the thrush my baby had for over two weeks, peeled right off in a day or two. Good stuff!


I've used gentian violet for ringworm since my mom applied it on us as kids. We lived on a farm, and it was the standard treatment, and it worked, fast!

Still using it today.


We used to use it at the clinic. Good stuff, but sometimes it takes a while, and when they caution about stain... wow. Believe it. A deep, dark royal purple. It also works for toenail fungus and thrush, but again... it is a purple dye that penetrates DEEP into skin and nail and can not be washed off no matter how hard you scrub.
Lately, some of our physicians have been perscribing Vics Vapor Rub for toenail fungus. It is cheap, easy to apply, non-staining, and seems to work just as well. The person recommending Tiger Balm is on to something, since it contains the same active ingredient(menthol).


If you do use the Gentian Violet I have discovered that a bit of rubbing alcohol will take off a good portion of the stain.

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