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i've tried almost everything (except the honey one) and nothing helped at all. after the 5th day of agonizing pain, many dollars spent on worthless over the counter medicines and countless hours searching for a remedy on the internet i came upon this. equal parts milk of magnesia and childrens benedryl (sp?) about 1 tablespoon of each. swish around over the sore about 3 times a day. OMG! after the first application, the pain was reduced by 60%. by morning, my 3rd application, the swelling has significantly reduced and the pain is about 80% gone. i can actually run my tongue over the sore without my eyes watering. please be careful though, i made the mistake of swishing the mixture throughout my mouth about 60 seconds and my tongue and cheeks were swollen, numb and dry, i was actually gagging and a little scared thinking maybe this remedy was a bad joke. the second time, i tried to keep the mixture concentrated on the affected area making sure to keep it off my tongue and it worked 100% better. i bet by the end of today i'll be healed :)

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It's not a joke husband's doctor reccommended this for sores my husband had in the back of his throat from acid's a great remedy!


My dentist recommended this exact concoction & also said it's good for teething pain in babies...obviously they don't swish it around--you just dab a tiny amount onto their gums.


Yeah,my aunts doctor recomended this when she had thrush it works for that too!

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