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Dr.Tabassum Patel

Prevention and cure for snoring:-
„X Sleep on your side rather than your back. Tilt the head of your bed upwards few inches may help in snoring.
„X Avoid alcohol for at least four hours and do not have heavy meals or snacks for three hours before going to bed.
„X Establish regular sleeping patterns.
„X Some people need to lose weight by making some changes in diets and exercise.
„X It may be helpful to remove allergy triggers (stuffed animals, pets, and feather/down pillows and comforters) from the person's bedroom.
„X Proper homoeopathic medicine selected according to totality of symptom and constitution of patient will give relief.
„X If snoring is vigorous and obstruction is there surgery may be solution.

Dr.Tabassum Patel

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I was in a physically abusive relationship where I was strangled, could that have caused my snoring? I was never this bad.

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