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jujus mommy

For BAD INFESTATIONS when all else fails, like with us. (I have enough hair on my head for 3 people) We ordrered some Quassia Tree Bark on the internet and made a tea. 1 once per 2 cups water. . . .boil 20-30 minutes, let cool, add 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol (to avoid spoilage) Spray in hair throughly EVERY DAY. Use as a rinse after you shampoo, also. We used it around the house also, we shampooed the carpets and added 2 tbls bleach to the recommended shampoo 4 my shampooer. As it dried, we shot Quassia all around the base boards, for infestations, they like to hide there. We were using 5-6 cans of the household lice killer a day,for 2 months and the over the counter kits wouldnt do it for my hair. The Quassia DESOLVES THE EGGS, NITS, & Lice. For the mixture you spray on hair before shower or throughout the day, add a touch of vinegar. It depends on how infested you are on how quickly they leave. Within 7 days of CONSTANT TREATING THE ENTIRE FAMILY I could tell a big difference. It still took about 3 weeks to be gone, for 7 family members. Our neice still comes over with eggs in her hair, because her mom doesnt want to do anything about them(WHAT!@#$%???) So we spray her hair down as soon as she arrives and its been ok so far.....Oh yeah, when you hear a sizzle, thats them frying!! Unless you have mouse or hairspray in your hair. So when it finally stops sizzling for 7 days, they are gone!! We just keep it around ALWAYS!! Just in case!

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Anonymous might not want to add vinegar since I do see that someone says it is bad for your hair. I have really thick hair & it didnt do anything to mine, but you might want to just leave it out. Other than that, Quassia was a life saver!! You still have to vacuum EVERYDAY & dry everything in dryer atleast 20 minutes or more.


This works. I added Tea Tree Oil, and sprayed it on my furniture. They HATE THAT!! I noticed a difference the first night! Those little lint balls on the bottom of the cusions....well if they dissolve, thats them, not a lint balls.

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