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chigger bites are so uncomfortable.... my folks always put ammonia on a cotton ball and dabbed-rubbed this over the bite areas.. immediate relief.... probably should avoid sensitive areas or dilute a bit.. immediate, cheap, effective.

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Dallas Chiggar Magnet

I believe the ammonia nuetralizes the bug venom inside the bite. A friend of mine in Austin Tx told me the best thing to use on a bee sting or for a scorpion bite is ammonia and baking soda. It is important to use it as soon as possible so it can take action before the symptoms of the bite get worse. Like any other medicine, the sooner the better. Regarding the ammonia and baking soda, I think you apply one after the other. He found this on an internet forum and he swears by it. It will knock down the sting and break down the toxins from the bite and it will give you instant releif. May sting at first. And btw, sulpher powder from the local feed store, put into a sock and tapped on your legs and clothes will keep the chiggers away and is one of the best chigger preventers.

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