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Vagisil - I know it sounds weird and gross but it worked for me!

I got a really bad sunburn on the back of my neck and all i had in the house that was for any kind of skin irritation but was not all greasy was vagisil... i read what the active ingredients were in it - a numbing agent and hydrocortisone which helps with inflamation, itching and burning, so i figured what the heck, it couldn't hurt any worse and it probably would help... and it worked wonders! I was pain free till noon the next day.

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I tried the vagisil thing on my 9 year old's sunburn and he said it did make it feel better.. Generic version of it, but it worked...


what is vagisil and where would i get it?

Janet Manning

I have to disagree with you on vagisal cream. I have tried it and it did nothing but burn when applied to affected area. I have not found any thing that helps with the pian but vinagar only applyed when in the shower. I helps a lot.


Nope, I tried the vagisil and it made it burn even more D: sorry

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