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I was diagnosed with psorasis 1 yr ago, it rapidly worsend until I got cellulitis in my legs from the itching and broken skin and was hospitalized twice. A nurse showed me how to care for the condition on my feet and within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital my skin was mostly healed and pink. This is my regimen:
1.Daily after bathing ( twice a day) I use a wound cleaner called SkinIntegrity which thoroughly removes any dead skin and bacteria. It also soothes the skin and not alcohol based.
2. I use over the counter Psoracin-gel or ointment which is coal tar based. It heals the broken skin and the redness disappears very quickly.
3. If I am not going to wear socks or plan to expose my skin to the environment, by walking in sandals, I will apply a light layer of some petroleum based, vitamin enriched skin barrier, like Aquaphor. This is to just protect skin from bacteria penetrating any small, not yet healed area and retain moisture in the skin wwhich is very important. It has been two months since the hospital stay and my feet are at their best in over a year.
three doctors who treat me are amazed at the rate of recovery with my new regimen. I also have been doing a liver detox along with digestive enzymes that I was told would help. I also do not eat pork at all, which seems to flare the psorasis when eaten...and I used to really enjoy pork. I was so desperate, I am glad that I found something that really works or me. Good luck to all of you.

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where to you buy the skinintegrity and what form is it in? Also do you think I could put it on my scalp?


What kind of liver detox are you using?

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