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I am new to Texas and never had chigger bites before. I had them all over my feet and ankles. The itch was so bad, I thought I was going to go crazy. I tried the nail polish remedy and did not get any results. A family friend who is native to Texas and a ranch foreman suggested a hot bath mixed with bleach: 50%water/50% bleach. I soaked my feet for about ten minutes and it COMPLETELY took away the itch. Wanted to offer the advice on here because it worked so well for me and I was desperate for a remedy at one time. Hope it works for you!

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Summertime is the pits for me in one way - I am irresistable bait for Mosquitoes and Chiggers. From my experience the Bleach treatment works. I first discovered it after swimming in a pool. BUT even with that, the itch is very slow to go away. I rely on the bleach water/pool water treatment for the drying/shrinking of the bites and Calagel(Clear gel for poison ivy) or Oragel (Yes the stuff for numbing a toothache.) If you use the oragel make sure it's not the baby version that is sweet/sticky. I prefer the extra strength stuff. The active ingredient in that is Lydocaine, The relief is temporary but enought to let me get to sleep.
Wife suggested apple cider vinegar bath and that may work for some but it does do as well as the bleach water for me.
Always open to other ideas too.


I was desperate after getting into chiggers, again. (seed ticks like me too). I tried diluting 1/8th cup of bleach in 6-7 cups water. After scrubbing in the hot shower with soap, I used the diluted bleach all over. IT WORKED GREAT. I was itch fee by the time I dried off. Also, within hours, the red, raw sores were beginning to dry up, and the redness was going away!!! This really worked.


YIKES, bleach is extremely harmful and should not be used on your skin. Try hot water, soap and either listerine, or rubbing alcohol, camphor or euclyptus. If you do try bleach, please use a tiny tiny bit or you can get really sick. thanks!

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