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I am new to Texas and never had chigger bites before. I had them all over my feet and ankles. The itch was so bad, I thought I was going to go crazy. I tried the nail polish remedy and did not get any results. A family friend who is native to Texas and a ranch foreman suggested a hot bath mixed with bleach: 50%water/50% bleach. I soaked my feet for about ten minutes and it COMPLETELY took away the itch. Wanted to offer the advice on here because it worked so well for me and I was desperate for a remedy at one time. Hope it works for you!

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nice call on the bleach helped me alot thanks


that is so weird cuz i am from il and i went to texas to hang out with my family and now i have chigger bites! i'll try to do the bleach and water thanks!!


What about your private parts? Will they not be affected?


Yea when I was little I would get chiggers a lot from playing in tall grass and fields so my mom always made me take a bleach bath and it works like a charm, only I have pretty sensitive skin so I didn't put 50/50. Its really necessarily. Just run a warm bath and put about a cup of bleach in it and soak, or even a pool will work!


Please DO NOT take a bath with 50/50 bleach, this could be really bad for you, and will completely damage your skin!


Yes, I agree, this is not a good ratio.


I tried this and wound up with a burning rash. not reccomended.


umm i tryed the bleach but i didnt use it 50/50 i only used about 3/4 cup of water nd very hot water.

i would not recommend using alot of blech due too skin damage or rashes/infections in other areas.
only use a little bit and it will work very well!!


My dad is an old hunter who has always sworn by the bleach bath remedy for chiggers (we always called them red bugs). I agree..about a cup of bleach in a hot water soak should do the trick.


Just got home from the Ozarks with two puppies. The vet actually recommended bleach baths for everyone! He recommended 1/4 cup of bleach to 2 gallons of water for the dogs and 1/2 cup in bath water for the adults.
I can't imagine the burning of 50/50 - but I guess it you're desperate! Thanks~

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