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As soon as the leg cramp happens, pull your toes up toward you knee and it will disapppear.

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I have used this for many years for my foot cramps and lower leg cramps.

Soccer Player

This is for calf cramps. this stretching will have to change if you experience hamstring cramps like I do.

Ray Tard

I fail to see how making your knee disappear will alleviate leg cramps??


It makes mine worse


It doesn't work for me.


I do these stretches daily (lying flat on back, point toe towards your knee) and it helps prevent getting leg cramps.


This technique is for immediate but temporary relief of a painful calf and plantar cramps only. It works best if you can really relax the leg muscles at the same time.This is easiest to achieve by lying on your back and have someone else support the leg just off the floor and with one hand under the toes, they gently pull the toes toward your head, stretching the calf and plantar muscles. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the relief. If no one is available it may work to stand on the floor with bare feet and try to duplicate the stretch.

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