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Drink a beer. Swish it around in your mouth and it will provide immediate relief!

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Honestly swishing beer through your mouth provides instant relief!.. It is the only thing that helped me when I had a huge ulcer on my tongue from my wisdom teeth rubbing against it. I had a huge hole in my tongue and it actually worked.


That is just plain CRAZY!


I can vouch for alcoholic drinks. I had two ulcers, swished spirit / sugar free cola mix against one ulcer but not the other (both were between front lip and teeth, one front, one bottom). The ulcer swished vanished overnight after one drink. The other remained. Tried it again with alcohol directed toward the remaining ulcer the next night, again ulcer vanished overnight. Alcohol (admittedly in a form that you wouldn't drink) is used in medical situations as an anti-bacterial/sterilising agent. It does numb any pain from ulcers, and they do disappear.

wolfie smith

Load of rubbish , the only drink to sooth mouth ulcers are warm drinks .


The relief is temporary (for the pain) but it makes them worse in the long run.
warm salty water works best. and sleep.


I can't say if alcohol makes ulcers worse in the long run, and i know rinsing with salt water (saline solution) is very good, but i have to say, i'm sat here with my can of John Smiths having a little swill every now and then and it does give INSTANT relief. To be honest at the moment i dont care if it makes it worse in the long run, right now i feel a little respite from this horrid ulcer that has been making the last 7 days an absolute misery.


one thing you shouldn't do is brush your teeth vigorously and then swish your mouth out with minty mouthwash! it absolutely wrecks!


I have tried swishing Coke and believe me it helps heal an ulcer. No pain in doing this either, I think it the carbonate in the drink.


If you have any type of mouth ulcers or even herpes, beer contains amino acids that aggravate the problem... NEVER DRINK BEER (OR SWISH)DURING AN OUTBREAK!!!!! I take 1 l-lysine tablet (it aids in the repair and maintenance of skin cells and mucus membranes) every day, that helps to keep them away- I up that to 3-5 everyday during an outbreak, especially after meals. Also, 1 tbs of baking soda dissolved in 8 oz. of water makes a great mouthwash- it takes the acidity away and balances out the PH in your mouth to help promote healing.


Beer? Are you serious? Maybe the beer is how you got the ULCER.

Going to the dentist is the best bet as well as being perscribed pain killers (don't get hooked) and a topical steriod.

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