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Ericka Eubanks

DOG: Give him/her a bath in downy. Let it set on them for 5-10 minutes. This suffocates the fleas on them and it makes your dog smell so good.
CARPET AND LAWN: Use 7-dust on carpet like other powdered deodorizers, leave on for 20+ minutes, then vacuum. Sprinkle on yard.

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SEVIN is a toxic pesticide!!! Do NOT bring this stuff in your house and DON'T put it on your pets!!!!!!!


My family has used Sevin dust in the yard for years to prevent fleas, and it's always done a great job.
You have sprinkle it w/o the dog in the yard and lightly wet it with the water hose (or sprinkle it right after a rain shower.)


We have sprinkled sevin dust on our yard dogs for fleas many times.We have never had any problems or lost any dogs due to this.


I have used 5% seven dust on my dogs for as long as I can remember. Even the toy breeds. It have never hurt them.


We had fleas EVERYWHERE!!! We used 7 dust on the dog, her bedding, outside, and YES EVEN IN OUR HOUSE. We are fine & healthy as well as our dog.No more fleas, but every 3 months we sprinkle a little 7 dust around 2 make sure they don't come back.


Where can I find sevin dust? My home is infested whit fleas all over the place and I tried many things, but nothing works.


Please do not expose your pets or anyone else to this toxic pesticide! Seriously, plain old soap will kill fleas and this stuff is going to kill you. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but believe me, you keep inhaling and touching this toxic waste for long enough and fleas will be the least of your problems! There is an old military saying that covers this perfectly - KISS (Keep it simple stupid) - use ordinary dish soap; get rid of the carpets; wash the blankets; NO MORE FLEAS and without killing yourself and your pets with pesticides in the process. Incidentally, babies, small children, cats and birds or aquarium fish will be even more susceptible to pesticide than dogs and adult humans, so if you have any of these in your home and you use pesticides, you are not only being stupid but irresponsible as well.


SEVIN is a pesticide. Read the 'Acceptable Use' section on the label. You should not expose your pets or people to this. The idea to use it on carpets and vacuum is very dangerous as well as stupid. When you vacuum particles of the pesticide become airborne in the vacuums output and anyone around will inhale it. DO NOT USE on animals or on or around people. Yards are okay.


Are you retarded or just plain stupid? Downy is not good for canine skin, they have 3 layers of skin versus 5 layers for humans. Canine skin is more sensitive and prone to irritation compared to humans. The dust that you recommended is TOXIC to pets, wildlife, and the enviroment. Although you saw results, you could have killed you dog, or incurred massive vet bills due to poisoning your pet. If I were your neighbor, I would have reported you for animal abuse. The Downy can cause severe nausea and even though it is rinsed off it is residual, which means that it stays on even when rinsed off. Why do you think your clothes are soft? There are all natural insecticidal soaps that can do the same, with safer results.

Flea free in TX

I have used sevin dust on our carpet, furniture and ON OUR DOGS both large and small and it works like a charm. No ill effects at all. I've been doing this for 50 years. So, if you want to report me for dilligently keeping my pets comfortable and happy go ahead. Just because YOU don't agree with it doesn't mean YOU are right! Sheesh - some people are so ignorant.

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