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In the morning,use only tomato to wash your face.Just take some fresh tomato,mash it and then apply it all over your face(avoiding the eye area).Leave it on for a few minutes then wash off with water.Repeat it daily for atleast a month to get rid of blackheads.

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awesome stuff,been doin it for a week now & already seein improvement.TRY IT!


So all u have to do is smear tomatoe on your face and they will go away and won't come back. How does that work? And do u only do it once a day?


What about tomato paste? Fresh tomatoes make a mess in the shower.


tomato is really good for blackheads.if the your skin is sensitive so u could use chilled tomato,just freeze it & then apply it chilled.


I agree, tomato paste would be better. Fresh tomatoes are pretty expensive ($1.49/lb) where I live and buying one everyday would get expensive. And they would be very messy in the shower.


its really a good home remedy

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