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Bordeaux's Butt Paste works great at removing the itch & redness! I had over 100 bite to one leg. I was willing to try anything! Someone (on this site) mentioned something about Desitin. I will only use Butt Paste on my daughter's diaper rash and figured I would give it a try. The redness and itching subsided almost instantly!

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I tried the butt wonderfully. Imediately took away the itch!! As far as the redness, I'll know in the morning, but hopefully will get more sleep tonight than I did last night!! Thank you for the GREAT idea!


My 7 year old daughter came home with lots of chigger bites under her arms, back, lower torso/private areas. We used the spray to help with the itch; however, she would continue to come back every hour. At midnight she woke up itching again and I did not have butt paste on hand (used it to help a sore bottom remedy) but did have Balmex. Put it on her body and within a few minutes she had tremendous relief.

Thank you for posting this. This is why I love using homeotherapy remedies. We thank you! Now off to bed.

Bob W.

with tears running down my cheeks...where is this 'butt paste' sold?? it's 1:45 am, dont know if I will survive till morn......


It works! I must have chigger bites on top of chigger bites. Drove to Kroger scratching all the way. Bought paste. Practically ran to car to apply. It worked immediately! No itching now for over an hour.


My son who is 10 yrs old had over 160 chigger bits we tried all the normal meds but butt paste worked the best, didnt go away completely we had to reapply several times but is worth it do not buy the normal over the counter crap..good luck they r the worst...

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