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I went on vacation with my husband to Mexico and picked up a nice case of tropical ringworm (drug resistant mutated version) and tried everything under the doctors gave me without any success. I finally did some research on homeopathic websites and tried Tea Tree Oil - and it worked! I had ringworm from head to toe and after applying TEA TREE OIL for a week - it vanished! I highly recommend it and you can get it at your local Whole Foods. Good Luck!

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You contacted when you were in Mex. I've contacted this ring worm that is sitting on my right cheek all the way from Thailand. It's sitting close to my eyes so I have to be extra careful. I wash my hands like there's no tomorrow. I believe that the bug that i caught is pretty tough to kill,just like the one you caught from Mexico.
At the moment I've tried hydrogen peroxide and lamisil cream for two weeks now but it's not working fast enough.I was there for two months everything went fine until one week before I came back, I somehow caught it. I think I got it from the chickens that my day raise. He has about 20 chickens. Anyway, I just graduated and broke so i'm going to try your method Tree Tea Oil because it's inexpensive. I really hope this will work because I'm tired of the funny looks I get from potential employers. It's embarrassing.I did go see a dermatologist today and he did a quick culture(scrape the area and dip in a solution)he said that it was just an irritation.But I doubt it because I have all the systoms and the area is round. I don't trust his diagnois. Anyway, I will try the tree tea oil and if it works for me I will definitely let others know as well.
THis THing Is STubborn TO GEt RId OFf!!


Right now Im using nailpolish it seems to be drying up but at the same time its still spreading! Im gonna use the nailpolish for a couple of more days if that doesnt work then Im using rubbing alcohol and if 'that' doesnt work then Im using this tee tree oil technique. Gosh! Ringworm is disgusting!!!!!!


TEA TREE OIL! My son is a wrestler and has brought many kinds of funky skin diseases home. One time he had severe ringworm (actually a fungus). We took him to the doctor and he gave him ointment, and some internal medication. IT DIDNT WORK! It spread everywhere! It was in his hair and all over so the doc gave him some shampoo and all the stuff he gave us didnt even touch the ringworm. So I heard on the radio about Tea Tree oil. We just started dabbing it onto any skin lesion suspected and within 1 day the ringworm was drying up and disappeared! :D It has NEVER returned. He then came home with a severe staff infection so once again off to the doctor. He prescribed Valtrex (a very powerful drug) and it started going away then finally came back. He started on dabbing tea tree oil during the day and it disappeared within a couple of days never to return. The doctor was astonished! We now use it liberally on anything on the skin including acne, impetigo, and everything with total success! It has a strong smell but it is a cure all here in or home!


Thank you for writing about this. My daughter has been volunteering at the animal shelter. She's been taking care of cats. She has ringworm on her arm.At first we thought it was a bad mosquito bite,but it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Someone told us it could be ringworm, and she is FREAKED OUT! I've been out of work for over a year now, and have no medical insurance. I will try the TEA TREE OIL!...THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!


about 1 & 1/2 years ago i got ringworm on my arm & i soaked a cotten ball in tea tree oil and held it on with a bandaid that sticks all the way around. it scabbed over in about 2 days. when i pulled the scab off i continued treatment for 2 days, just to be sure, but it was healed completely. it smells aweful but works miracles!! good luck!!


I tried everything, including tea tree oil, but nothing ever killed the ringworm until now! I am taking Grapefruit seed extract and applying grapefruit seed extract oil and I feel great because the itching has stopped. It's a natural anti-fungal and anti-viral. I found more info that explains it better: Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) is a quaternary compound converted from the bioflavonoids(naringin, isosacuranetin, neohesperidin, hesperidin, dihydrocampherol glycoside, poncirin, quercetin glycoside, campherol glycoside, apigenin rutinoside, to name a few) found in grapefruit seed and pulp. This plant-based germicidal has proven to have a strong growth-inhibiting effect on bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Because of its extremely low toxicity for humans, plants, and animals, it is becoming the treatment of choice by those seeking a broad-spectrum antimicrobial without the side-effects associated with most pharmaceuticals.

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