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Swimmer's Ear:

It is important to know what is causing an ear ache, as different causes should be treated differently.

Swimmer's Ear is a fungal infection, and almost any type of fungus is quickly and effectively treated with vinegar.

The Remedy:

Mix white vinegar 50/50 with clean water. Drop into ear, and wiggle ear to ensure it goes all the way in.

This provides almost instant results, especially if the infection is caught early. My son woke with Swimmer's Ear one night, and after a quick vinegar treatment and about fifteen minutes for the pain to subside somewhat, went back to sleep and by morning his ear was completely well.

You may mix vinegar with rubbing alcohol instead of water, but the alcohol will sting and is not necessary. The vinegar does a fine job of creating a pH environment that is completely unfriendly to fungus, and the little bit of extra water will run out and not cause further problems as long as you dry your ear carefully.

Side note: Vinegar of various sorts and in various concentrations is wonderful for other fungal infections as well. I rub it on my scalp for dandruff, for instant results. I pour apple cider vinegar in the bath for vaginal yeast infections, for instant relief and quick recovery. For fungus, vinegar works better and faster than any store-bought or prescription remedy. But only for fungus--for bacterial infections, vinegar can actually make the problem worse. So be sure you know what you're dealing with!

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I just had my first encounter with an ear infected kiddo. He kept telling me his ear hurt, so I looked up remedies and found this one.

I had no vinegar, so I got really warm water and mixed it with a bit of pickle juice. I thought I was reaching but right now my son is asleep. I will update soon.


my son 3 yr old son woke up at 3am cryin his ear hurt. he gets frequent ear infections and had tubes in his ears. i tried this and within 3 mins of putting it in his ear he said it doesnt hurt anymore. i was amazed needless to say i will be using this remedy often!!


I had an earache waking up for 3 days in a row and now going to bed my ear was hurting so I used Google and found this page. I used 50/50 Apple Cider Vinegar and water since I didn't have any white vinegar. It stung a bit letting it first sit in my ear but in a few minutes I felt like my ear was still a little sore but definitely not the throbbing pain I was having before - so lets say 70% LESS pain in the first 20 minutes. Will let you know how it is in the morning. Thanks for sharing your remedy and all the replies from viewers. Very helpful


I absolutley lLOVE to swim but ever since I was little I always get terrible ear infection last night I spent the night with my friend and I woke up and goodled home remedys since I hate going 2 the dr I put the vinagar in and about 30 minutes later no pain I went to sleep and woke up with a ball of gross ear wax on my pillow thanks so much :)

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