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Swimmer's Ear:

It is important to know what is causing an ear ache, as different causes should be treated differently.

Swimmer's Ear is a fungal infection, and almost any type of fungus is quickly and effectively treated with vinegar.

The Remedy:

Mix white vinegar 50/50 with clean water. Drop into ear, and wiggle ear to ensure it goes all the way in.

This provides almost instant results, especially if the infection is caught early. My son woke with Swimmer's Ear one night, and after a quick vinegar treatment and about fifteen minutes for the pain to subside somewhat, went back to sleep and by morning his ear was completely well.

You may mix vinegar with rubbing alcohol instead of water, but the alcohol will sting and is not necessary. The vinegar does a fine job of creating a pH environment that is completely unfriendly to fungus, and the little bit of extra water will run out and not cause further problems as long as you dry your ear carefully.

Side note: Vinegar of various sorts and in various concentrations is wonderful for other fungal infections as well. I rub it on my scalp for dandruff, for instant results. I pour apple cider vinegar in the bath for vaginal yeast infections, for instant relief and quick recovery. For fungus, vinegar works better and faster than any store-bought or prescription remedy. But only for fungus--for bacterial infections, vinegar can actually make the problem worse. So be sure you know what you're dealing with!

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Chanypoo fr NY

This remedy I just tried and well lets say IT'S AWESOME...
almost instant relief....
will do again to be persistant....


I'm about to try this in hopes my ear ache is fungal, but incase it's not - how do you know the difference between fungal or bacterial infections, and what home remedy is there for a bacterial infection?


I had an ear ache for 2 days, I didn't want to spend 1 1/2 -2 hours waiting in the Dr's office just so he can give me a 10 day script of antibiotics, unless I had to. I didn't get the almost instant relief others got in 15-30 min's but huge improvement when I woke up a few hours later.




I'm a lifeguard & work in a warm moist area; had earache for over 2 days, tried the vinegar swabs in my ear (that felt STINGY for a few moments) and got results of less pain using the hot rice pack for drainage.
Full pain relief when reapplying a couple drops of undiluted white vinegar (again, stingy in ear)about 15 minutes later and much better over all. YAY vinegar! and thanks for being here to google!

Widda, NT, Australia.

So THAT's why I bought cider vinegar 3 days ago for first time in a decade, because I was about to get ear infection. can't type much, head sideways with 50-50 vinegar-water in ear. thanks.


how long do i let it sit in my ear and what do i do when that time is up?do i let it drain out>
how do i dry it ? with a cue tip?


I went to the beach nearly two weeks ago. Ever since I've had a nasty ear infection. Dr. recommended antibiotics (ear drops & pills) and they worked pretty well. After everything was ok I went to the beach again and here I am, seeking a cure for this anoying infection. Will let you know if it works.


Hey this work for my daughter she have pain and we din't no what to do in night time so we google and come to this side well this work a bout five minutes later she went to sleep


I've had recurring fungal infection in my ears now for 6 months. The ENT calls it aspergillus, apparently it looks like very small mushrooms (yuck) for those who keep asking and when you remove it with a cotton bud (q-tip) it is brownish. It was caused by antibiotics given to me for tonsillitis in July 2009. I ended up having my tonsils out in November 2009 and more antibiotics were prescribed after the op.

Since then I have tried anti-fungal solution, 3 different creams, had 1 ear packed with an iodine solution, but I still have the infection. I've been trying to boost my immune system with probiotics and echinacea, as the internet suggests it is a poor immune system that has caused it. As well as the pain in my ears and not being able to hear a lot of the time it has been costing a fortune in different meds.

I’ve now been trying the vinegar/water for 2 days, good thing is there isn’t as much discharge from my ears as there was, but they are both getting sore from the fluid in my ears. I can’t put it in my right ear any more as it hurts too much so I’m at a loss as to what to do next. It is driving me mad!

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