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Swimmer's Ear:

It is important to know what is causing an ear ache, as different causes should be treated differently.

Swimmer's Ear is a fungal infection, and almost any type of fungus is quickly and effectively treated with vinegar.

The Remedy:

Mix white vinegar 50/50 with clean water. Drop into ear, and wiggle ear to ensure it goes all the way in.

This provides almost instant results, especially if the infection is caught early. My son woke with Swimmer's Ear one night, and after a quick vinegar treatment and about fifteen minutes for the pain to subside somewhat, went back to sleep and by morning his ear was completely well.

You may mix vinegar with rubbing alcohol instead of water, but the alcohol will sting and is not necessary. The vinegar does a fine job of creating a pH environment that is completely unfriendly to fungus, and the little bit of extra water will run out and not cause further problems as long as you dry your ear carefully.

Side note: Vinegar of various sorts and in various concentrations is wonderful for other fungal infections as well. I rub it on my scalp for dandruff, for instant results. I pour apple cider vinegar in the bath for vaginal yeast infections, for instant relief and quick recovery. For fungus, vinegar works better and faster than any store-bought or prescription remedy. But only for fungus--for bacterial infections, vinegar can actually make the problem worse. So be sure you know what you're dealing with!

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i believe my daughter has an ear infection i saw this post and used the 50/50 water and vinegar on her and she instantly felt better, and asked where did i get this medicine... lol

this deffinately works


i tried it you must know that it hurts a bit for about 2 minutes then the pain goes away, when i woke up the next day it seemed to be all gone and fine except for a bit of dyness but other then that it seemed to have worked fine


THANK YOU !! My son had a horrible ear ache and now, thanks to your post, he is pain free and asleep. It worked instantly !!!


It is Tuesday morning at 2:44 and I have been having pain since Thursday..I have been swimming everyday for past 2 weeks. Tried the remedy and it feels like its breaking some stuff up and the pain has subsided...hopefully it will be gone by the morning


It is about 3am and I am 18 years old on my family vacation. I got on here when I woke up with terrible pain in my right ear. I try swimmers ear drops but nothing the pain was unbearable so I woke my dad up and drove to the closest 24 hour store for vinegar and rubbing alcohol I tried it along with 2 ib profin and I feel much better although I still can't here properly hopefully it will be better by morning. Thanks for the Help:]


Vinegar is great for many things, but vinegar is contraindicated for YEAST infections, it actually provides an environment for yeast to grow.


You said apple cider vinegar is good for vaginal yeast infections. What exactly is apple cider vinegar and could I find it at my normal grocery store?


Just tried this and it has helped some. The pain is still there but at least now I don't want to scream. I will try it again in about a half hour to see if it will help more.


this fucking works
i had it for 4 days and i tried
this and the next moring ]i woke up and was brand new
as a 360 elite right of the box
i love you who ever made this
may god bless you


it is 7;44pm
i have a ear ack and it hurts to much
i cant sleep i cant eat. when i lay on it is hurts. i cried and im 14 yrs old i cired to mum. she was telling me to try and sleep so i did. i woke up and it still was hurting . i was thinking to my self i dnt really think dis ear ack will go away :( andyways i went on google and see if i could find anything to get my ear ack to go away . i couldnt find anything , i ask my coz i asked every one then i came and seen dis one and it didnt work :( i just have to keep trying and get it to go away it hurts that much i was like crying anyways it hurts to much to type so im ganna go

good bye

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