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Swimmer's Ear:

It is important to know what is causing an ear ache, as different causes should be treated differently.

Swimmer's Ear is a fungal infection, and almost any type of fungus is quickly and effectively treated with vinegar.

The Remedy:

Mix white vinegar 50/50 with clean water. Drop into ear, and wiggle ear to ensure it goes all the way in.

This provides almost instant results, especially if the infection is caught early. My son woke with Swimmer's Ear one night, and after a quick vinegar treatment and about fifteen minutes for the pain to subside somewhat, went back to sleep and by morning his ear was completely well.

You may mix vinegar with rubbing alcohol instead of water, but the alcohol will sting and is not necessary. The vinegar does a fine job of creating a pH environment that is completely unfriendly to fungus, and the little bit of extra water will run out and not cause further problems as long as you dry your ear carefully.

Side note: Vinegar of various sorts and in various concentrations is wonderful for other fungal infections as well. I rub it on my scalp for dandruff, for instant results. I pour apple cider vinegar in the bath for vaginal yeast infections, for instant relief and quick recovery. For fungus, vinegar works better and faster than any store-bought or prescription remedy. But only for fungus--for bacterial infections, vinegar can actually make the problem worse. So be sure you know what you're dealing with!

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thank you for your advised, I will try this remmedie, for my nephew, he is with me for the summer, and we went swimming, I believe, he has a swiimers infection, I will try this and get back to all, to see if it really works. Wish me luck! if not I have to take him to the DR.... thanks

A Mom

If you don't have a dropper, try using a straw. Use it as a pipette and gently pinch the straw to drop vinigar solution into the ear.


my ear had been bathering me for 3 days i decided to google and came to this site i used the formula and the results were almost instant. thanks you so much.


After months of doctors's visits and very expensive medications, my sister was finally diagnosed with a fungal cluster pressing on the nerves in her ear. After removing the cluster, her surgeon instructed her to use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water daily to kill off the remaining fungus. After hearing this, I tried the mix as I have had an earache for days and was dreading a doctor's visit. It worked!! The pain is gone! I would recommend this remedy to anyone who dosn't get relief from traditional medications.


I have had an ear ache for two days and just tried this, within five minutes the pain was completely gone!!!
Thank you so much for the suggestion!


An ear/nose/throat specialist told us to use the 50/50 vinegar and water in my sons ears.


My General Practioner told me about this remedy but he said to use 50/50 Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol. The Vinegar changes the ph in your ear to help fight off any infection, and the Alcohol dries up the vinegar and water that may be in your ear.
I usually dribble some in my ear, then stick a small cotton ball in the ear to soak up the liquid. The cotton also keep my ear covered and shieled from the weather.


Last night i was awoken by severe ear pain. i took some aspirin in hopes that it would cure the pain so i could go back to sleep. with no luck, i googled cures for swimmer's ear (i knew i obtained this from my swimming at the gym on saturday) I found this solution with all of the comments about it's success. I tried it, and fell asleep without disturbence. Thanks for posting this

Janie - Tennessee

This really works... My five yr old had a nasty earache that kept him up all night. I finally looked on here for a home remedy and found this one. He was asleep within 20 minutes. Thank you so much


THANK YOU!!!! This is the greatest cure for an ear infection. My ear has been hurting for 2 days now. I finally couldn't take it anymore and my ear has been keeping me awake at night. I used your cure and instant relief came my way!!! Good night

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