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I dont know why nobodys said this..
but i SWEAR on honey. Just dab some honey on your sore and boomb , it'll reduce the pain almost immediately and will heal the canker in as short as a day.

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I am at work and the only thing I have handy is honey... I will give it a try and let everyone know if Honey worked for me... I have had this damm sore for like 2 wks already!!


sorry honey DOESNOT WORK.


Thanks for recommending honey. My sore heart like a mother !@#$%&. I let honey sit on the sore as long as possible because it stung a bit. I did this twice a day. The next day the white spot shrank to 1/4 of the size.


I have never really suffered from canker sores but now that I have one I know what people mean about the pain. I have tried just about everything that I could and the honey really does seem to take the pain away. It didn't take all away but it's tolerable now! Thanks!


Try wetting a black tea bag- it gets rid of a considerable amount of pain. I've suffered from canker sores for years and this is one of the only home remedies that have been somewhat affective.


i hate this stuff it does NOT work AT ALL


im sorry but it doesn't work it just hurts bad and stings.


I agree! A nurse told me this a few years back and I've used it ever since.
A teaspoon of honey in your mouth - try to keep on the sore and not swallow for a minute.


I'll try the honey too, but to be honest, my stupid sores come from things like: Chocolate, gum, tomatoes, spicy stuff, the list can continue....there's something in our food today that doesn't help with mouth sores.


I agree. One day I opened a bag of Doritos for a snack [I opened the bag on 6/13/09 and I still have the nasty sore]and the next morning I had a HUGE canker sore at the bottom of my lip.Today I tried the baking soda and water remedie[hope it works]and it STINGS.Also if you are reading my comment and have a canker sore on you're lip dont try the baking soda and water remedie.Trust me you do not want to feel the gruesome pain!

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