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A few drops of breastmilk in the ear applied every three hours will clear an ear infection in 24 to 48 hours. Worked better than antibiotics for my family.

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Well, it's doing SOMETHING...and my ear doesn't hurt as much. Never in a million years would have thought of this method. Thanks, I appreciate your suggestion on this remedy...I'll be sure to store some 'extra milk' in my freezer!!

(BTW...Have to agree that this method is more appealing to me to use instead of moe person's suggestion of using URINE...(there are other things in most homes that will achieve the same results as using urine in your ear.)
Assuming that you have a fungi, (SWIMMERS EAR)Lemon juice-preferably one from a real lemon and not from a concentrate...use real lemon or use juice that is in small plastic shaped lemon. But be careful of using these remedies, putting acidic liquids into your ear canal, can not only be quite painful, but could cause more damage than good. If you can't get a hold of breastmilk as this blogger has suggested, then you might try some mineral oil, olive oil, garlic oil(olive oil and pureed garlic that has been combined) These methods pose no harm to your delicate ears.


Breastmilk also work good for babies with an eye infection. Wipe the infected eye clean with a clean damp clothe, put a few drops of breastmilk in the infected eye. with a different clean clothe blot the excess milk away. I did this with my son before each feeding. 24hrs later his eye had cleared up.


I am a breastfeeding mom of a one month old infant and came down with a horrible ear ache. I made an app to see my doctor and get started on antibiotics when i remembered our pediatrician telling me about breastmilks antibiotic/antiviral properties. She reccomended I put a few drops in the babies eye if she had the normal 'crusty' eyes alot of infants get.. So I decided it couldn't hurt my ear and gave it a try. I pumped a small amount and put 3 drops in twice a day and let it sit for about 5 minutes. After the first dose my ear was 50% better. This is onle the second day of using it and i'm almost completely healed no joke!


not necessary to know but the antibody in breast milk is IgA or immunoglobulin A, which is in all external bodily secretions such as sweat and sebaceous (oil) glands :)

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