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A few drops of breastmilk in the ear applied every three hours will clear an ear infection in 24 to 48 hours. Worked better than antibiotics for my family.

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so you suggest i ask my girlfriend to squeeze her tits in my ear wow musty be nice.


That works wonderful especially for babies and small children.

have a bad earache and no t v

Ok thats just as weird as the pee in your ear cure.first of all putting more fluid in ear can cause more build up!


I am currently breastfeeding my 13 month old baby and he has been very healthy. My grandmother used to tell my cousins that breastmilk is good for nasal congestion among other things. I would not doubt that it is also good for an ear infection. It appears my grandmother was right! Doing research about benefits of breastmilk, it seems that it does have anti-bacterial properties. I am going to try it on my ear and I will let you know if it works.


One of the reasons why breastfed babies get less ear infections in their lifetime is because milk that drains into their ear canals is not as harsh as formula. The lactation consultant in la Leche League said that breastmilk prevents and heals ear infections due to its antibacterial nature. I guess breastmilk can do wonders.


As a midwife I can tell you: breastmilk is a potent antibiotic and antiviral! When the mother is exposed to pathogens (past or present), her immune system makes antibodies to those pathogens in her blood. These circulating antibodies are also abundant in her breastmilk and to a lesser extent in her urine. These antibodies target the pathogen rather than killing everything helter skelter as a broad spectrum antibiotic would. Try it for infected eyes and wounds as well. If using urine however, make sure no bladder infection is present as indicated by foul smelling urine.


omg this is 2 funny!!


'so you suggest i ask my girlfriend to squeeze her tits in my ear wow musty be nice.'

It's surprising you even have a girlfriend considering how ignorant and vulgar you are. They're called BREASTS. Try and spell it if you can. Also, it's obvious you don't know anything about reproduction or lactation so I advise you not to have sex because we don't need more of you around.

Breastmilk is sterile and a great antiseptic which can be used on eczema, in ears for infections, for eye infections and in the nose to help clear congestion. It is full of vitamins and antibodies. Truly it is liquid gold. Too bad so many idiots think breasts are just for sexual recreation.


This remedy is true my mother use to do this to me when i had a bad ear infection. It work better than the stuff the doctor ever gave me.


I don't get ear infections that often, but when I do...I usually am in my car heading for the emergency room. However, I just recently had a baby girl and it's not going to be that easy for me to just go to the doctor's office...luckily for me, and (her) I'm breastfeeding!!! I'm gonna try this and see if it works...thanks.

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