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Drink a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water for immediate relief.

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PEOPLE, STOP USING BAKING SODA , it destroys tooth enamel can you imagine what will do to your stomach. If you want to use baking soda for anything clean pots and pans with it. In my country people got ulcers and all sorts of problems, it will eat you. EAT APPLE or drink ginger ale.


I never get heartburn and had nothing in the house. Tried this and it immediately worked - Thanks!


Ran out of Tums and heard about doing this before, so I tried it. Worked like a charm, made me burp alot as well which felt good too. :-)


Ran out of tums and looking for a cheap alternative...have it pretty bad recently. Instantly went away - amazing and amazingly simple. Come on people, it doesn't taste that bad...unless you are a super taster or something.


Works great and very fast!!


Ohhh, thank you! This worked wonderfully. I couldn't lay down because my heartburn was so bad and I was so exhausted...tried this and it worked on the first gulp -- the taste is really yucky though. But, if you're desperate enough...:P

By the way, I don't see how drinking baking soda can kill you, because, well...don't you bake with it?


OK, some of the comments caused me to pause first, but I decided to try it anyway. I don't get heartburn often, maybe once a year, so I don't have anything in the house. I tried this, only drank half the glass because ew, this is nasty, BUT 30 seconds later GONE!!! I burped a couple of times, but I feel so much better. Won't do it too often cause of the other posts, but it's a great seldom remedy when it's late and I can't get to the store!


Alka -Seltzer for no money. Many thanks! :>)


That was a life saver. Worked like a charm. It's 1am and really cold and rainy outside. I just gave up my car to become a full-time bicycle commuter. You saved me a cold ride to the store. Thanks!


I tried it for the first time and it actually WORKED. I was shocked. No more tums for me. This will save me lots of money.

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