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Drink a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water for immediate relief.

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Amazing! I was having a serious burn last night with throwing up. Drank the water with banking soda and IMMEDIATELY it was gone. WOW.


I have been taking an antibotic which caused extrememly uncomfortable heartburn. The only way I've been able to sleep in in a chair. My heartburn is gone and now I will finally get a good nites rest. Thank you so much for such a simple rememdy.

Dr. Moore

Yeah, makes you have the runs like crazy too. Not good for your heart at all. Raises blood pressure, causes migraines, sometimes death. Talk with your doctor before using baking soda to releive heartburn.


My poor mother passed away March 16th 2006 at 61 and she believed in daily doses of baking soda and water for her acid reflux problem.She could not afford prevacid that control`s the worsest of acid reflux.

She took baking soda and water mixed sometimes 6 times daily and started having severe headaches and chest pains ect.I believe backing soda and water pushed her to an early grave by giving her a heart attack.Her quack of a doctor overlooked her home remedy.

Baking soda and water can cause ruptured blood vessels-stroke-heart-attack and a bleeding ruptured stomach.

No doctor would ever advise his or her patients this effective but deadly remedy for acid reflux or heartburn unless they want to kill their patients.

Relief or death its your choice.

I have it and use two 20mg of OTC Prilosec twice daily but did check with my doc and he said fine.I can get it in small quanaties and dont have to worry over having to purchase 60 pills at one time.It works.

God bless.


That did the trick...the AH baking soda box even has the directions. They recomend you use only 1/2 a teaspoon and 4oz of water though...Thanks so much.


I will take this before taking any kind of Tums or Nexium/Prilosec.........This is the only thing that works immediately......I just found out about this website, it's surly going in my favorites now.....I found a recipe for my husbands diarrhea, WONDERFUL.....I don't think i'll ever consult a pharmasist again.....I'll just come here, it's much cheaper and I don't usually have to leave the house!
If you care about someone, I'd say pass this website along to them now....Most people won't ask for help with personal health problems but I bet they'll consult this page before anything else.


Had no soda so used powder as substitute as suggested. The 'after' burp was disgusting but I did receive almost immediate relief!


I tried this and it really helped my heartburn. Although, it tasted so bad I feel a little nauseated now and still a little scared to lay down but, my stomach isn't burning anymore. I used baking soda, not baking powder.

Nathan does do a damn good job! Definetly took the 'bite' out of it. Thanks!


I had dreadful heartburn lasting about 3 hours, thought I was going to die - I tried medicine and all sorts of so called remedies - none of them worked. I read this suggestion and drank the baking soda mixture and within about 10 minutes my problem was gone. Not sure how good it is for you but when you have tried everything and nothing works this remedy is an absolute relief.

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