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Drink a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water for immediate relief.

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No Limit Sooner

Same as Alka Seltzer without the pain relief. Does take the edge off. Thanks.


this dose work as soon as u start drinking it ......... thanks


This does work. I noticed results immediately.


It works immediately for me, I do this all the time.

Connie M.

I always see my Mom using this for her heartburn, now I fine my self using it, and it works.


I tried this and it did help, even though it tastes awful. Oh my goodness, don't drink baking soda too often....


Worked as soon as it hit my stomach,it tastes like shit though,thanks for the tip.= - )

Alex Metallica Man Hernandez

Works very very well...this coming from a guy that is on prevacid but i ran out


worked like a charm immediately! ran out of tums one night and was being woken up by heartburn, looking forward to good nights sleep for a change thank you!


can also use baking powder and works as well if you are out of baking soda at the time!!! but it does work very well!!!

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