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Acne Free Girl

For acne.This Remedy was given by my mother and used by many.And I can say it really works.


* 2 Hand full of grain rice(soak it overnight with water)

* 1 Lemon

Ways to create this face mask

* Take out the excess water out from the grain rice.

* Blend the grain rice finely with blender.

* Squeez the lemon in the blended grain rice.

* Mix well and put in freezer for 30min.

* Use it for atleast 30min everyday.

*For around 1 week you will able to see the different depending on your acne.

Please take note

* Depending on your acne.It will sting a little or maybe alot.Like I'hv said depending on your acne.

I've been doing this since I was 14 when I had really bad breakouts.
Thank god for my mother to help me go through the acne moments.Till now I'm free from acne.I will have 1 acne during menses and It will go really fast without any marks or scar.Therefore I want to share this with all.This is not something that will happen overnight.You have to be patience.As all says.. ''Patience Is A Virtue''
Not only my mother helps me.She helps my cousins,her friends and ect.
And I must say it works for all.Soo I hope it works for you too.Give it a try.

Please Remember to:

* Wash your face 2 times a day.

* Drink plenty of water.

* Do not touch your face.(Wash you hand before doing soo)

Soo Good Luck. Have A Great Time Doing This.Be Possitive.
Till then.

Acne Free Girl

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Sandy L

will try this.

Sandy L

acne for 12 yrs

I started today so I'll leave a comment in about a week to tell you if it worked for me. Thanx!

Sandy L

hey this actually works,though it took me 3 weeks to see visible results.but it actually really works.but the stingging!dear lord.the saying of no pain no gain really hit me.thanks girl.will continue this


You sed use it for atleast 30min everyday....
Can i jsut ask how you use it?
thanks x


so you make the mask
and then u freez it for 30 min
and then what ?? U put it on ur face ,
can u reply


works!! omg thnx grrliee

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