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Old Beachcomber

I cannot believe I have jjust read 4 pages of sunburn remedies and no one has posted the best non medical treatment...Which is Windex...Yes the common Windex window cleaner!! I and my family have used this for years and it works for everyone. Just adjust the bottle to give a nice misting effect and spray directly in burned areas. Of course use a soft cloth soaked in Windex for the face. This gives instant relief from even very bad burns. I only recomend Windex brand and not other similar glass cleaners as the chemical makeup may be different.

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The only problem with Windex is that it contains a lot of chemicals that are toxic ( not deadly) to our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ so I dont think Windex is a good idea unless it's last resort.

white guy

I tried it works for a sec dont recommend it now it burns DONT DO IT..........


LOL. You totally stole that from the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. xD

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