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Fill sandwich baggie half full of water, hang over any door which leads from outside to inside (hang bag over outside of door). The fly sees its reflection in the water & is scared off. Know it sounds crazy, but it works. Try it!!

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Flies must DIE

I must admit, this is the funniest conversation I've read in ages! I laugh to tears every time I read through!


Worked like a charm for us! Sun has to hit the bag and we used about 5 pennies. Also filled quart size bag almost 3/4 full of water.


Yes this works, sandwich bag half filled with water and a penny to it and it keeps flys away...i do this every year


Another 'reflection' idea for flies I've read about; hanging CD's around your porch/doorway areas. You can buy a stack of plain CD's at almost any store, like Target or Walmart, and of coarse your local office supply.


Bag of water trick did not work for me. However.... The CD trick worked. I hung four CD's on ribbon on my porch! NO FLIES TO BE FOUND!!!


DOOESN'T WORK, Flies just stop at the bag,,apply their make-up, clean their wings, and FLY INSIDE.

the net girl

my boyfriend and I tried this on his boat. IT DID NOT WORK. they still bit the hell out of us


I have used the baggie w/out the penny or foil, and it decreased flies signicantly! At least 95% and that's saying a lot since I am constantly in and out of this door. It is in direct sunlight.


my mother swears by the water bags!!

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