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Soak 3 tbsp of freshly grated ginger in a pint of hot water for 5-8 mins. Strain and drink before bedtime. Add lemon juice if sore throat is accompanied by chesty cough. Drinking the ginger infusion throughout the day and at bedtime for 1-2 days will completely cure your sore throat. You will see a noticable difference after 1 cup. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral painkiller and mild sedative. Lemon reduces the production of mucus so is helpful for the cough.

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wow! really works! i took augusta's suggestion (pg 2) and used essential oils. That person was right! It works wonders!!! a must try.


IT WORKS!!! Woke up a few days ago and my tonsils were swollen. I made this and tried to scoop out as much ginger as possible (I didnt have a strainer on hand). Drank it before bed. Today i feel great! Not 100% but its definitely an improvement! Gonna drink more tonight! Thank you for posting this!!!

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