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Soak 3 tbsp of freshly grated ginger in a pint of hot water for 5-8 mins. Strain and drink before bedtime. Add lemon juice if sore throat is accompanied by chesty cough. Drinking the ginger infusion throughout the day and at bedtime for 1-2 days will completely cure your sore throat. You will see a noticable difference after 1 cup. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral painkiller and mild sedative. Lemon reduces the production of mucus so is helpful for the cough.

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i hope this werks. imma go try it now =) wish me luckk.


THis is absolutely fantastic. I knew about it all the time but some how never remembere it when in need :)
THanks for putting it here. Great Help indeed !!
Am sipping my steaming cup of ginger tea right now after very bad last 3 nights.




I am going to try it today. I don;'t want to get sick. I started with a sore throat on tuesday that hurts up to my ear. I hope it works. Will let u know.

Audrey Ryan

I tried this after going on-line to search for anything I could do to stop the terrible throat pain that was at its worst this morning. It works! Instantly! You'll be surprized!


This just saved me a trip to the doctor. I tried this yesterday morning and my sore throat is GONE! Thank you!

kev d

try it,i just have and i wouldn,t have believed it myself,it really does work.


This absolutely works. My little sister has a sore throat for a few days and she tried this at night and the next morning her sore throat was completely gone. Thanks!


Holy Cow! Within the 1st sip of this I felt better! I didn't have fresh lemons on hand so i used lemon essential oil. I also put in peppermint essential oil. This remedy really helped my throat and it didn't taste so bad either!!! ;)


I've been trying drinking lemon juice and water, chinese herbal medicine, chloraseptic, and using ibuprophen, but they all didn't work as good as this. I took a pot and put grated ginger and brown sugar in and boiled it. Afterwards I added honey and lemon juice. When the tea cool, I took a sip. Although I felt a burning sensation when it passed my throat, after several sips, almost all of the pain was gone. And now as I'm typing this, almost half an hour later, I still feel no pain! I definitely recommend this!!

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