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I get canker sores every now and then, and when I do they can be very painful and take forever to heal. I use over-the-counter remedies, but they seem to only mask the problem and I find it difficult to 'dry' the area before applying the medication. Thankfully an older friend of mine told me that swishing whiskey in your mouth until it gets numb works instantly. I do it and it seems to speed up the healing. I was skeptical at first, but believe me - it really helps (and numbs your mouth for a bit as well.)

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Well i drink whiskey does that count? lol seriously though i'll try it cause it is very irritating

john g.

you can ask an older person how to heal a broken bone, they will tell you whiskey, teething, whiskey, i think it cures just about everything except herpies !! if you want to get rid of them quick, get some warm water put salt in it, swish it in your mouth several times a day, it is the best cure i have ever found !!!


I was pretty skeptical about whether whiskey would work as well, but in the condition that I was in (I had about 11 or 12 of these little suckers in my mouth) I was willing to try anything. Sure enough, I swished some whiskey around in my mouth for about 30 seconds (mind you, the only other thing that hurts worse than this that I can think of is childbirth), and they didn't hurt anymore. I did it a few more times (the pain subsided for about 2 or 3 hours I think) and now I have no pain at all and they are starting to heal up and go away!

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