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I have suffered from canker sores my whole life and they are THE WORST!! In my case they are related to stress and eating certain foods (nuts, raw tomatoes) so I try to avoid those. But
the only thing I have found so far that really seems to get RID of them (instead of just numbing the pain) is Kenalog in Orabase(triamcinolone acetonide paste). I found it in South Africa but I think it also exists in the US. It doesn't do anything for the pain but it seems to shrink the things in just a few days (my really bad ones last over a week). You put it on at night. It is as close to a miracle drug as I have found so far! Otherwise, I use Zilactin-B for the pain, which HURTS like the devil when you first put it on but numbs it so you can eat/talk/etc. But try the Kenalog stuff - so far it has kept mine from growing into the beasts they usually become!
Good luck!!

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Hi some great advice there. I've come onto this forum in the hope I can help others with the same condition as myself.<br>

I have suffered 'chronic mouth ulcers' for the past decade and have found most recently that I can reduce the reoccurrance of mouth ulcers by avoiding the following: <br><br>

1) 'Acidic drinks' which include the ingredients orange and lemon, <br>
2) Spicey foods (for eg; spicey Indian, Thai food) <br>
3) Highly acidic fruits such as Oranges, Lemons.<br>
4) Alcohol (Spirits and beers)

I also highly recommend to drinks lots of 'Barley water' (such as Robinsons Fruit & Barley - available in the UK), as this reduces acidity in the gut which in turn transfers to the mouth. <br>

Please can I aslo recommend 'Betnesol Tablets' (soluable tablets, by CELLTECH) to be gargled 4 times a daily, 2 teaspoons of warm water (as hot as you would drink your tea). You have to gargle throughly for at least 1 minute each time, and not eat/drink for 40 minutes thereafter. This I guarantee can get rid of your uclers within a few days.<br>

Final note, I used to suffer from mouth ulcers on a weekly basis. So as soon as I'd recover from one bout, another bout would start almost immediately, leaving me suffering with ulcers non-stop for one month. <br>

Since I've done the above, my life has changed.
And it's worth it. Be sure to eat healthy and to make up for everything you have sacraficed in your diet, ie, if you can't eat oranges, eat an avacado instead which has lots of vitamin c, and, is not acidic!!! :)

Kind regards



I've been a canker sore sufferer since I was a small child, and mine seem to be entirely stress-related. That means meditation is one good practice to include in a treatment program. I agree that for the really awful sores Kenalog in Orabase can't be beat. It also can't be used too much (as a cortisone-based treatment). I've found that, odd though it may sound, a mouth rinse with a fairly hefty salt solution does wonders for pain relief. Go figure.


Great suggestion however Triamcinolone in Orabase is a presciption product not a home remedy. Also, if you do not have Rx insurance it can be be expensive for a a very small amount of the drug (about $20 for 5 grams)


I have also suffered from canker soares since i was a child and now my son is suffering the same specially since he has braces. The only preventative that I have proven to work is taking the Lysine capsules on a regualr bases. Now I rarely get a soar. The capsule has to be in your system before u ge them otherwise its too late. My son had 7 soares recently and I was desperate. I have to thank you for your advise on the Kenalog. I had never heard of it and I showd your post to my sons orthodonstist (Who was about to put some numbing sulfate thing in his mouth!) and he said lets try the Kenalog first. Its very expensive but well worth it! Thanks

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