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1) You MUST have made up your mind to become a non-smoker.

2) Decide which night you will give up cigarettes. Do nothing different before bedtime that night.

3)The next morning, after you get up, reach for those cigarettes and put them away, get them out of sight. Also pick up all ashtrays and put them away as well. Do not throw the cigarettes away, know that you always have them should you decide to pick up the habit again, but know for now that you do not smoke.

I was a early teenage smoker, and smoked for over 30 years, never going an entire day without smoking that whole time. I never tried to quit, thought sbout it a few times, but abandoned those thoughts! I had three packs left of a carton when I began to seriously think about stopping. The night I was on my last pack of that carton I made the decision to go for it.

I am happy to say 'I do not smoke' and 'I have no reson to start smoking again' I don't miss smoking at all, the hardest part of it was breaking the habit of 'reaching' for one - not that I wanted to smoke, it was just a habit to reach for one.

Good Luck!

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All 6 times I've quit, I've done everything the same the night before and found it easier to NOT smoke in the morning because, realistically, I've been without for 6-10 hours already while sleeping. Working on trying again now...not going well. Good luck to everyone who tries and never quit trying to quit!

muhammad ayub

i am 30 years old, unmarried man, i started smoking at age of 27. when i used to do smoking, a continouse conflict of 'is smoking good or bad' was there in my innerward. after 3 years of bad ediction that griped me badly, i positively tought and adopted the following steps to quit smoking: i started search place where i couldnt smoking freely, being a subcontinental there are some places of sitting are very influencial like , home in presence of other family members,
in presence of teache


Berenice Adriaanse

This method seemed to have worked for me. I was a smoker for 30 years, up till 2 packets a day. I was never interested to stop smoking, although I was convinced I could @ any given time. I reached a bad financial period, loosing my job & unable to find one for quite some time. The perfect motivation to quit smoking. I set a date by when I would stop & informed all my friends incl FBF thereof. This way I had 2 keep them up 2 date re progress. What I have also experienced is that it wasn't the addiction, but the habit of reaching out for a cigarette. I decided 2 cut gherkins (as a healthy alternative) & whenever I reach out 4 a cig grab a julliene stick and eat it (carrots also work wonderfully). I'm smokefree for a year now and promised myself that I'm never going back to smoking again. I smell and taste better after 30 yrs. Putting on some weight is a small price to pay.

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