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Karen G.

My daughter had several plantar warts on her little toe and we were reluctant to use burning or cutting to remove them because she is on a dance team and didn't want to miss practice. Most home remedies required taping or bandaging something to her toe. Again, that wasn't practical. So we tried putting clear (for cosmetic reasons) nail polish on the warts every night after her bath. Within 2 weeks the warts peeled off without pain, bleeding or any discomfort. It was very easy to do because the brush let you put it exactly where you wanted it and it dried quickly. I was amazed!

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o cool but i hav 1 and i was wonderin if it would work with any color nail polish?


I have 5 plantar warts on my right foot, on my big toe. Once they are gone, do they come back?


how offten was it applied


This treatment was applied once a day just before going to bed and it DOES NOT matter about the colour. Any colour varnish works.


hey i am 12 years old and i have 5 big warts on my left foot (litel toe) it dosen hurt but it is verry inbarisin cos all my friens laugh at me i will tri this remedi but i wont get my hopes up it naver workes but thanks


heyy...i'm 12 as well! yeh i hav a plantar wart on my heel and i dont want to cause trouble because i dance too. i've tried many different techniques but i've been told not to try it harmful?? or is it easy and painfree?


So does it matter what brand you get? Or could you get any old nail polish and put it on there

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