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Here is a home remedy that I used to battle a painful abscessed tooth and gum (with swelling in the cheek and lower jaw). I got the great idea of using a teabag from this site (thank you very much!), and I have added more specific information that may help someone else.

As others have mentioned, I too tried using ice, cold water, Ambesol, ice packs, heat, and probably a few other things. Nothing gave me any lasting relief. The steps below worked almost miraculously for me, and I hope they will work for others. Do not delay in combating any tooth abscess or gum abscess. An oral infection is a serious matter -- you should promptly seek medical help if you are unable to substantially diminish the swelling and pain within 24 hours.

What you will need:
Ibuprofen 200 mg -- 50 count (grocery/drug store). Helpful for pain and inflammation.
Lipton Cold Brew teabags (grocery store). Helpful for abscess drainage, pain, and minor sanitizing.
Crest Baking Soda/Peroxide toothpaste (grocery/drug store). Helpful for sanitizing area and some brief pain relief.
Nature's Way Garlicin 350 mg -- 100 count (health food store). Helpful for fighting infection, lowering fluid pressure, and some pain relief.
If Garlicin is not immediately available, you can use generic garlic tablets (grocery/drug store) as a less effective substitute until Garlicin can be obtained. You will have to use the equivalent of 1000 mgs more frequently until you can obtain the Garlicin.

1. Take 2 ibuprofen with water on an empty stomach. Repeat every 4 to 6 hours, depending on pain tolerance. Ibuprofen appears to me to be more effective on an empty stomach.
2. Apply a dry (make sure it is dry, not wet) Lipton Cold Brew tea bag between tooth and gum for 45 to 60 minutes. For better effect, lay down on non-swollen side with head slightly raised so the tea can soak over the gum and tooth (keep your mouth closed also). I tried both the dry and wet bag technique -- the dry bag technique worked the best for me. I used cold brew teabags, since I felt that the effect would be enhanced over hot brew teabags. It definitely worked for me.
3. After removing the (now mushy) tea bag, wait 15 minutes and then gently brush teeth with a baking soda/peroxide toothpaste. I have used Crest baking soda/peroxide toothpaste for years. It is very effective at keeping the mouth clean.
4. At least 1 hour after the ibuprofen, take 3 Garlicin caps (350 mg each). Repeat every 8 hours (if using a generic garlic tablet, repeat every 4 to 6 hours with 1000 mg equivalent). I use 2 Garlicin caps daily to help lower blood pressure. In the larger doses, it appears to be a fairly effective antibiotic. Garlicin is different from other garlic supplements -- it is not dissolved in the stomach, so it has no odor. It reaches the intestine and is released there, and you can usually 'sense' when it kicks in.
5. Apply a new teabag for same amount of time as before. Repeat as frequently as necessary to help relieve pain and/or reduce swelling.
6. Swelling and pain may begin to subside within 6 hours. Abscess discharge may begin within 12 to 24 hours. That is what happened with me. The swelling and pain were much lessened within 6 hours, and I was able to get a restful sleep. The main discharge started about 18 hours later when I was lightly pushing against my cheek on the gum.
7. If you notice any odd tastes in your mouth (probably abscess discharge), briefly brush teeth again and reapply teabag. The teabag will help to draw out any drainage. If the swelling and pain have gone down, you may also assist the drainage by lightly pushing against your cheek near the abscess.
8. Continue regimen of 2 ibuprofen every 6 hours and 3 Garlicin every 8 hours until all swelling and discharge are gone. You may be able to cut back on the ibuprofen dosage and/or frequency within 24 hours, but continue the full dosage and frequency of Garlicin until you are able to see a dentist. Continue brushing with a baking soda/peroxide toothpaste 3 times a day. It would also be a good idea to continue with the teabag regimen at least twice per day even after all swelling appears to be gone. There will be residual drainage over several days.
9. Consult with a dentist to start an antibiotic regimen and to subsequently make a decision on what to do about the tooth.

Do not assume that any lessening of swelling or pain means that everything is OK and you can stop the regimen. All oral infections are serious and can create problems in other areas of the body. If you do not obtain relief within 24 hours, get medical help -- a medical professional can prescribe an appropriate antibiotic for you.

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This method really works. ive used my own similar version a few times with great results.

If you cannot obtain Garlicin, then Garlique is a better choice then generic garlic. Its all about the amount of allicin in the garlic tablet and garlicin and garlique are very similar in the amount of the allicin. I have also found garlique more easily its been at every pharmacy I have visited :)


I am trying the cold tea bag thing, I will post my results tomorrow. I have been using garlic ( I already had 400mg *allium sativum* (bulb) equivalent to 2000mg of fresh garlic bulb..according to bottle??) I don't know if I have 400mg or 2000mg..
I have been taking as directed on bottle, max dose..1 tablet 2-3 times per day. I am also taking Echinacea 400 mg, 1 capsule 6 times daily, vitamin C 500mg 1 per day. Because I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) also, I am taking Cranberry 1680mg; 2, three times a day with lots of water. I take tylenol, then and hour later Ibuprofin...Mr Dr. recommended I take it this way when I had tonsillitis. Tylenol works faster, but IBU takes away more swelling and last longer..

And by the way thanks for the tips, I am trying to hold off until next week for dental appointment. My jaw, ear, neck, started aching last night. school started back and all the bills are due..and bad timing as usual. Dentists, where I live, require payment in full at time of service (up front) or reschedule and they give you an application for some loan that pays for procedure...of course you must qualify.. and then there is the interest (if you qualify) wonder we all need alternatives! E.R visits are rediculous and they turn you over to an attorney a week later if you havent paid. As far as free they arent free...they still require some money, up front, and you sit all day, literally, 8 am- until 4 or 5...( i will go to E.R first!)


I like the suggestions here, but I do agree that nothing replaces good medical care. Recently, a boy in my area died because an untreated abcess spread to his brain. Many abcesses can be treated by draining or an extraction, and in many cases those treatments can be relatively inexpensive, even without insurance. I realize there are people here who feel they have to put their kids' dental care before their own, but in this case you really need to get yourself taken care of first so you can be there for your kids later. You're no good to your family when you're severely ill or dying because your abcess didn't get treatment.

I'm currently using the teabag for temporary relief until my dentist can see me. These remedies are good stopgaps until you can get legit dental treatment, nothing more.


thanks,tea bag helped greatly


I cannot believe it because usually I read all of this preventive stuff on the web and like yeah, really. Well this site helped me tremousely. My gums in front of one of my tooth has been swollen for more than a week. I tried everything, salt and water, antibotics none of those really seem to work. Did the tea bag thing last night, lipton green tean decaffinated. WOW what a different, more pus came out and the swelling is down. Thank you!


I had a abcessed tooth removed (gawd was it ever painfull) and I had assumed everything was fine. (Pulling it was way cheaper than crowning and root canaling it) Well its been 6mths, and now under the pulled tooth, I have the abcess back! Uugh! So I am using the teabags now, and yes it does help tremendously, but if I dont have a tooth even there, why is it abcessing? When they pulled the tooth it crumbled, so I wonder if they pulled it all out???


Ugh! Tooth abcesses must kill you... Is there any type of fever related to them?

And that drainage must taste nasty 0.0

Dr. Mark

Your advice to take Ibuprofen on an empty stomach is ill-advised. That's a recipe for an ulcer. Always take Ibuprofen with food - at the very least, milk.


DO NOT take ibuprofen on an empty stomach this will lead to ulcers and other more serious stomach and intestinal problems!

Little Jackie Paper

Ibuprofen can rip your guts apart if you take it on an empty stomach. Take it with milk and/or food, and no more than 600 mg every 6 hours. It can also kill you not only via perforated ulcer but Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or its barbaric, murderous, bloodthirsty big brother, toxic epidermal necrolysis, which will make you regret the moment of your birth, for the brief yet apparently interminable period of the final moments of your existence. I recommend a couple ibuprofen, a solid dollop of anbesol, and a trip to an emergency dentist or ER the next day. That's my plan, I have an abscess that hurts like no tomorrow at the moment. Else, I'll lance it with a syringe. Do as I say, not as I do. Cheers.

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