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Soak the feet in hot water and place a cold rag on the forehead.

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lol that was funny


This actually works. The way I was told how to do it was to take a washcloth and wet it then put it in the freezer. Draw a bath as hot as you can stand it without burning yourself. When the washcloth is stiff, but not frozen solid (still pliable), take it out of the freezer. Get in the hot bath and put the semi-frozen washcloth over your eyes. Something about the way the heat and cold affect the blood vessels differently makes the headache go away. I usually stay in the tub for about 10-15 minutes with my arm over my eyes to keep the washcloth pressed closely.

This works really well on migraine headaches, btw!


this is calle 'Hot foot bath' very effective even if you have flu


me my self i take a hot shower let the water get as much as i can stand it . and it works for me ,,,but till the next day ,its back ..i'm tired of the freaking head achers......

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