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Dr.Tabassum Patel

Prevention of urinary tract infection
• Always maintain good personal hygiene. Keep the vaginal areas clean, always wipe from the front to back after a bowel movement to prevent contamination of the urinary tract.
• Wear cotton undergarments, which allow air circulation and discourage the warm, moist environment needed for bacteria growth Avoid to wear tight underwear to prevent undesirable bacteria growth.
• Urinate before and after intercourse.
• Drink 10-14 glasses of water in a day to prevent urinary infection. As drinking much water flushes out bacteria and other microorganisms which contaminate the urinary tract.
• Drinking cranberry juice is also helpful in treating and preventing urinary tract infection.
• Increase intake of citrus fruits which contains Vitamin C which reduces number of bacteria in urine.
• Avoid caffeine found in coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and chocolates.
Dr.Tabassum Patel (Homoeopath)

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'wipe from the front to back after a bowel movement to prevent contamination of the urinary tract'... I wonder if the writer assumes that we readers are complete idiots. I appreciate advice, but this is not advice. It is demeaning and assumes that UTI are a product of poor hygiene.


You would be surprised at how many women do not know the proper way to wipe. The doc is just educating those who don't know.


Cranberry juice is very acidic, even the no sugar kind. It made my uti worse. You can alkalize it and that worked well for me. U add baking soda til the fussing dies down and the color turns purple instead of red. But I think just plain old baking soda works just as well and is cheaper. You'll know when u are alkaline enough when the pain subsides. Start with 1/4 teaspoon and work up to a max of one tsp. D mannose can be done too to keep bacteria from sticking to bladder. Be patient. If u have had it a while it can take a long time to completely clear. Took me a couple of months of faithful baking soda, d mannose and alkalized cran juice before it didn't flare upon missed doses.

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