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Avoid cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, red wine, processed meat, MSG, salty foods, and caffeine.

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One of the home remedies said to drink a cup of coffee or Mt. Dew. They said to avoid caffeine. Which one is it- stay away from it, or use it to our advantage.


too much caffine can give a headache or it could be the other way around. works both ways. caffine can cause migraines. and so can dark soft drinks. it best to keep track of what eat. to figure out what works best for you.


i suffered from migrains for a while, my doctor told me, if i didnt have ne medicine around, to eat dark chocolate. And believe it or not, half of a hersey dark chocolate bar... helped almost within 10 mins of eating it! i was amazed!!! DARK Chocolate works!!!


wait a second citrus fruits just as long as you havent got a cold and chocolate is very good


Eating chocolate releases endorphins. The bodies natural pain killer.

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