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Every year I get Poison Ivy at the exact same time, gauranteed from the middle of May to the Middle or June, or sometimes longer. I've gotten it so bad that I can't see because my face was so swollen. This year I've got a nice break out on my arm. It's hardly spread anywhere else so far, and I'm really trying to keep it that way. Heres what I reccomend, Table Salt + Warm Water and then slowly increase the temperature until its very very hot until you can't bear it anymore (don't scald yourself!). That seemed to help with the itching. People have been posting things about pastes to dry it up, I haven't tried any yet. But what I have been using (i know, i know its not home remedy and its pricy - but its worth it if you get this yearly) is this Treatment Spray from Cortaid. Comes in a little spray bottle and works WONDERS. It dries the skin up alomst instantly. It feels like your skin is really sticky, but when you touch it it isn't. I really recommend this spray to anyone. PS: DON'T COVER YOUR RASHES/BLISTERS WITH BAND AIDS OR ANYTHING! I covered mine up for most of the day and it spread twice it's size, bad mistake. Good luck!

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I all ready bandaged my legs, where you this morring? I will try the salt and bleach thing. I have gone over a lot of remedies most spoke of bleach and salt. I am going to try both. GOD help me be fore I lose it.


what is the name of the cortaid stuff.


Just so you know poison ivy cannot spread. Look it up if you don't believe me but I am in medical school and just went over it.

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