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Yeast Free ME:)

Yeast Infections - This works

I read on the boards here and tried the following:

Bath, warm water, one cup of vinegar, lots of salt about one cup, sit and soak
Had a yeast infection for over a week, after my vinegar bath, the smell, the white stuff gone!

Then before going to bed I took one Garlic clove wrapped it in a used bounce sheet (cut the sheet in a lonnng strip, so that it hangs outside of your vagina, this way it wont get lost inside of you over night)
Also you can use cheesecloth, but I didnt have any

Woke up and it , smell, ick and other stuff gone

Repeat bath with vinegar, salt for another 2 nights, and garlic clove for another 2 nights, BUT check yourself to see if the yeast infection is gone after 1-2 nights, then no need to go on to the 3rd night

Drink Cranberry and eat PLAIN yogurt with active baterial culturals


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Overall, this is great advice. The only thing I would add is that you should not drink cranberry juice, because it has a lot of added sugar, on which yeast feeds. Instead, take a cranberry supplement, which can be found in the vitamin/herbal supplement section of your grocery store or pharmacy.


Don't worry, nothing can get lost inside of you. The vagina is kind of like a dead end, unless you are the size of a sperm cell. Plus, it is really only about 4 inches deep when you are relaxed, so you can totally reach the top of it (where your cervix is located) and remove anything that may be inside.


A bounce sheet? In your Vagina? That scares me a little...


a dryer sheet is so full of chemicals you shouldn't even use them for the clothes ON your body, really wouldn't recommend putting one IN you.


just took the bath with vingegar (used balsmic, its all I had ), added a bunch of lavendar bath salt (wished i had regular) and put in a chunk of fresh garli which i held on the painful area for a little while and let float in the bath... sat in the bath for fifteen minutes, certainly helps that awful itch feeling ... feeling better.... already ! wow..


I tried this for two days and yes it worked. But then I stopped and the yeast infection started coming back. I have found that this isn't a long term cure, although it really did help for the time being. I will try this for a full week and hopefully it stays away longer this time.

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