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put vicks vapor rub on the feet and after a few days the infection will bne gone there is something in vicks that kills the infection and releves the ich and burning saw this on a mens health site for this infection also disinfect your shoes and never wash plastic shoes and dry them it will trap the infection inside and you will keep getting it i am a waitress and i just got it for the first time in my life and vicks seems to really help my father used to use absorbing jr for his atheletes infections he got it from the gym when he was 27 and used uit ever time he got it hope these helps

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Joe M.

I have also been using Vicks Vaporub after a podiatrist recommended it because my toenail was separating from the underlying skin and this nail separation went all the way to the root of the toenail. After putting Vicks Vaporub under my toenail every morning and rubbing it generously all over my feet, the nail started to grow out normally with the separated area moving to the end of the nail and no longer touching the root of the nail. Also, Vicks Vaporub stops any foot itch in minutes. I expect this problem to go away completely as soon as my nail grows out to the point that the separated nail can be clipped off.


Vicks works great! I use it and I have absolutely the worst case of athletes foot ever and so far it has been amazing. Apply a generous amount because one of the reasons it works so well is it smothers the fungus so it can't 'breathe'. My infection is under one of my toenails and the white that was the fungus immediately became black the next day because vicks killed it. :D

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