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this ones a bit freaky but it worked for me.Ive suffered excruciating cramps at night in my feet and calves, nothing worked at all and believe me i tried everything. An old wives tale i heard and i know not where said '' turn your slippers over before going to bed'', I've done this for the last two weeks and NO cramps. Now how does that work?

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It works because you believe it will work. It's like those random cures for the hiccups. They only work because you think they will.


Cramps in your calves and legs are caused from not enough Potassium.
I would eat more bananas or get on a supplement if I were you.


It probably works because it's psychological, and because you're stretching the muscles when you bend down to turn over the slippers.

If they cramp in the night, stretch them and gently massage on the stretch.


It's all in your head..


what if u dont have slippers..kidding do some situps and you'll be fine


It's all phsycological, like allergies. You only think that you have alergies because you don't like dogs, cats, (etc.) you only want it to work

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