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I had an ear ache that was causing sharp pain through that entire side of my head. I melted some margarine and used a baster to squeeze it into my ear. I kept it in for about 5 minutes and then let it drain on a towel. I did this 2 times about 2 hours apart and my ear ache was gone in an hour. My mom did this when I was a child.

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For sinus and ear infection I recommend oil of oregano. If bad infection I use 5 drops under tongue wait a moment the swish down with a warm drink or water. You can also rub the oil around the ear it will penetrate and kill out fungus as well. I cured a 2 year chronic ear problem this way. No sure on kids Im 48. also not sure of putting it in canal. so cant recommmend it.


Oh dear! NEVER put margarine in your ears! I cannot even imagine what will happen over the long run! Stick with pure grade oils like olive, walnut, etc. Also, orgeno oil BURNS the skin. It should never be put in the ear, nor should it be applied directly to the skin. Oregano oil is best used internally (with food) or mixed with a good brand of pure oil. My sister burned her face with oregano oil and it took weeks to heal.

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