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When my ears are blocked from congestion (cold or allergies) I force myself to yawn, and that to unblocks my ears.

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This really worked....I was sittin at work wit my ears clogged...forced myself to yawn and my ear popped! THANX!!!!


geee, thanks dr. obvious, i'd have never thought of that...


It is only temporary relief. I am suffering from an ear infection and they gave me drops with Neomycin in them which it turns out I am allergic to so now I have ear infection and an allergic reaction at the same time!


So you tried 'forcing yourself to yawn' in order to unclog your ears? GENIUS! Your recommendation indicates 3 things:
1)Either you possess (at least) a small amount of common sense, or you do not, but have come to understand how common sense works and have learned to mimic it.
2) You demonstrate a strong sense of human instinct; by 'strong', I mean to say that you do, in fact, possess some level of human instinct.
3) Taking into account the previous 2 assumptions indicated by your scholarly little medical tip, I have come to the conclusion that since you recommended yawning to unclog your ears, it can be very safely inferred that you are, almost unmistakably, human.
By age three most human beings naturally learn your Nobel Prize-worthy suggestion. Its like a reflex; same ballpark as telling someone who has cancer that they should really go see a doctor... or possibly having to explain to someone with a stuffy nose that all they need to do is find a thin, soft, single-ply piece of paper and then, while holding said paper up to face, proceed to blow excessive amounts of air through your nose, expelling the mucous responsible for the congestion out of the nostrils and safely into the small, rectangular piece of soft paper. Hopefully you not only received the message I'm trying to send here, but also wasted enough of your own time to make up for the IQ points I shed while contemplating your helpful insight into the complicated world of 'things we all do so naturally that the need to ever ask, tell, or explain them to another person never passes within 25 miles of the realm of possibility or necessity'. Oh and remember to wax, shine, and buff that gorgeous, framed Ph.d on your wall.

plugged up

Uh, I've been trying that for 5 days now - prob yawned a thousand times and it's still the same.

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