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I have had severe hives and the only remedy I have found EXTREMELY helpful is applying ice cubes or an ice pack DIRECTLY to the hive. When the hives are extreme, and are very warm, the cold ice is the only thing that takes away the itch, and ice is proven to repel histamines. I am still searching for a remedy I can take with me! But if you have access to ice or a frozen bag of fruit, it will give instant relief and take the swelling down fast.

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I got hives from my friend's makeup, and the itching has been unbearable. I'm using this remedy right now, and the itching is almost completely gone, which is a first for me. I've never had hives before, and I only have them on my face, but the ice seems to be working for the itching perfectly. As for the horrible red blotchiness and swelling, I'm not yet sure. I'll keep you posted, though, and thanks!

A brown

The ice works real quick its 215 am and I was iop searching for relief from the itching I used the ice and it stopped so I'm off to sleep hopefully it works all night thanks I'll keep you updated on the swelling


I also used the ice packs. It really worked. I also take zyrtec and benedryle. Im glad I found this web site, this really helped me alot.


Yes ice is working it is 1:45 am in the night I am applying ice .thanks!

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