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INGREDIENTS: Apple Cider Vinegar, Duct tape and cotton.
I used the apple cider vinegar that cost $1.39, soaking a cotton ball or take off the ends of a q-tip, you can soak it in the cap of the vinegar bottle and then put it on the wart with a small piece of duct tape on the foot, for each wart, then take a bigger piece of duct tape to cover the smaller pieces of tape, if you have more than one wart on your foot. and then i wrap it in SelfGrip elastic self adhering elastic bandage, to secure it and wore a sock to bed.

For the foot, soak in water for 5 to 10 min, scape off what you can with your fav tool, maybe try to draw a little blood. It hurts like hell when you put the ACV on, like someone shot your foot with a shot gun, that is how i knew it was working.

Within a week, my wart that has been there for more than 6 years and after trying everything, spending lots of money for docs, freezing my foot off, to over the counter junk. The ACV remedy worked in a week. It started to turn black within the first 2 days of the process (those are the roots) and the next week it came off. The apple cider vinegar is cheap and works so quickly, plus it works in the middle of the night, if you do it in the day you may not be able to walk.

Don't wast your money, just keep at it and it will go away. The foot is harder to kill than warts on the hands or face, cuase they grow inside the foot, so you need to soak and scrap. The hands, just have to just apply a cotton ball or q-tip ends with a band Aid and that is it. duct tape alone with take for ever and nothing has worked except this.

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Jaime Thompson

I had warts on my fingers and I had been dealing with this for almost 2 yrs! I had done different remedies . Still no result and yet warts continued to grow/multiply. My cousin then referred me to Adult & Pediatric Dermatology ( and have it checked. In 4 treatments the wart was completely gone! This was all done by a laser. It's been months now since and has no sign of it returning! I am very pleased with the result!!

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