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INGREDIENTS: Apple Cider Vinegar, Duct tape and cotton.
I used the apple cider vinegar that cost $1.39, soaking a cotton ball or take off the ends of a q-tip, you can soak it in the cap of the vinegar bottle and then put it on the wart with a small piece of duct tape on the foot, for each wart, then take a bigger piece of duct tape to cover the smaller pieces of tape, if you have more than one wart on your foot. and then i wrap it in SelfGrip elastic self adhering elastic bandage, to secure it and wore a sock to bed.

For the foot, soak in water for 5 to 10 min, scape off what you can with your fav tool, maybe try to draw a little blood. It hurts like hell when you put the ACV on, like someone shot your foot with a shot gun, that is how i knew it was working.

Within a week, my wart that has been there for more than 6 years and after trying everything, spending lots of money for docs, freezing my foot off, to over the counter junk. The ACV remedy worked in a week. It started to turn black within the first 2 days of the process (those are the roots) and the next week it came off. The apple cider vinegar is cheap and works so quickly, plus it works in the middle of the night, if you do it in the day you may not be able to walk.

Don't wast your money, just keep at it and it will go away. The foot is harder to kill than warts on the hands or face, cuase they grow inside the foot, so you need to soak and scrap. The hands, just have to just apply a cotton ball or q-tip ends with a band Aid and that is it. duct tape alone with take for ever and nothing has worked except this.

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I have tried almost every possible treatment for one wart that I have had for about 5 years now. This includes cutting it out by a podiatrist and using Aldara treatment. I am currently trying this ACV treatment. I agree that it really hurts. I was almost screaming in pain and the next day I can't walk around. But I am sure that it is going to work because it is already blackish in color and must be dying. Thanks for the tip.


I used ACV for my plantar warts and it worked...thank you !


Hey, I was just wondering if someone could post exactly the steps to do this method?

Do you soak your foot and scrape it (till it bleeds) and then apply the acv covered by little bits of tape and a large one around all of them together? Do you repeat this every night with new duct tape, or just when the duct tape falls out?

If someone has any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!


my planters wart is on one the bottom of my toe. my little toe lays on that wart. all of the other comments says their wart is on their foot. i'm planning tonight to apply the acv duct tape and cotton remedy.


First off - what a great site. Secondly, I think there may be some confusion about ACV. I could be wrong but I do not think you can get Apple Cider Vinegar in a clear version. I am pretty sure what posters are talking about is regular distilled vinegar.

Now for my story. I was directed to the site while looking for pictures to decide if I could self diagnos plantar warts on my left foot. I had two teeny tiny callus' on my 2nd and 4th toe. One had been there for several years and the other appeared about a year ago. They did not cause any pain unless squeezed pretty hard. I had tried the OTC plantar wart remedy to no avail so I thought what the heck I will try the vinegar thing just to see. I was totally lazy and used the white distilled vinegar instead of ACV since I had two gallons at the house.

I take a piece of a cotton ball and saturate it with vinegar and use a piece of duct tape to hold the cotton over the wart. I am not sure if some people use the duct tape to pull off the wart - but I did not have to. The wart was completely covered by the cotton ball. I changed it once or twice a day but only let it have fresh air while I am changing the duct tape bandage. My toes turned very pale while and wrinkely on the bottom like I just spent the day in the water after day one. I did not notice any other change until about day 4 or 5 when I incurred my first bout of pain. Pain was mininmal - a little bit while walking but nothing to prevent normal daily activity. I normally wear high heels but I am sticking to flats for the most part during the treatment. Finally, on day six I could start to see the older 'wart' turning light gray. Yeah according to other posters this is the roots dying. The next day it was a little darker and I noticed the new 'wart' turning grey. I think this is working. I have not had to use any pedicure tools to scrape anything off or had the vinegar feel as if I had shot my foot off. I hope you find this post helpful as to the progression the death of the teeny tiny plantar wart - if that is what my spots were.


My sister got a plantars about a month and a half ago. We've tried 3 freeze away treanets and no such success accurred. Tonight we are going to duct a peice of garlic on the wart and let her sleep through that. Tomorrow I'll have her try the ACV treament it sounds like that really worked for a lot of people. I let people know if the garlic works. Thanks a lot!!!


I have had a mass of planter warts on my foot for about 8 months now.(There are about 40 little warts together that form about the size of a quarter on the ball of my foot.) I have had them for 8 months now and and after any sports games, they would hurt a bit but not enough i couldn't walk and the pain was not severe at all. I have had many warts before and have got rid of them as easy as going to the doctor and having them burnt off with liquid nitrogean and they would be gone within a week.
This time when I first noticed about 6 little warts on the ball of my foot, we went to get them burnt off. They did not burn off but only multiplied in numbers. The doctor tried to burn them off 3-4 different times. Again they only multiplied to about 40 or more warts which i have now. My doctor perscribed me to this lotion type stuff called 'Aldera' which is used to rid cancer spots on the skin. So it is pretty potent stuff, also very expensive. For the past few months I have soaked my foot at night, then sanded the warts with sandpaper and then rubbed in this Aldera. The first few times I used it, I thought I noticed a difference but after about a month, I've realized it may only be keeping the warts from growing.
Yesterday, my mom searched the internet to see if there were any home remedys. She searched, and multiple times came up with the idea of ACV. We read the steps and last night we used it for the first time. I soaked my foot in ACV for about 15 min. and then soaked a cotten ball in the ACV and taped it on. We taped it pretty tight to try and suffocate the warts from breathing. That night they hurt and stung quite a lot. Today I got up and did my usual, without even looking at my warts because they were all taped up. I felt A TON of pain anytime I put pressure or walked on them. I sat down in the afternoon and took off the tape. My eyes buldged when I saw them. They were swollen to about 3/4 of a cm protruding outwards from my skin. They looked like they were bubbled and you could pop them but really they were hard. My skin around was very Wrinkled and looked like i had been in a swimming pool for 13 hours. They HURT LIKE CRAZY right now, but it is only the first day of trying this remedy, and it must be working to do that much of an impact! I hope IT WORKS!!


I had a pretty large plantar wart on my heel for 6 years, tried everything, banana peel, plain duct tape, salicylic acid, the stick on wart removing pads. i finally found acv treatment from people online and i am AMAZED. My warts almost gone, isn't chunky and nasty and spreading any more...AND it doesn't hurt to walk on it anymore. After a month of two days on, one day off and pumice stone after shower occasionally, i am excited to see my heel again. I have smaller warts on my thumb which i know will vanish fast with acv.


in response to previous question, i just ripped a piece of cotton from a cotton ball, wetted with just plain old apple cider vinegar (i just use the whitehouse brand stuff from the grocery store, not the clear), cover the wart with the cotton and put on a big piece of duct tape. leave on til you shower, replace after shower. if looks black and like theres lots of skin, pumice or file and replace treatment. i occasionally left to air dry for a day or two between applications.


Holy Crap!!!! I have one on the side of my heel and I tried this. I'm probably going to have to amputate. After leaving duct tape, cotton ball and ACV all night (no sleep because of the intence pain all the way up to my knee) there is a white, hard 'pone' for lack of better words. Someone please email me at and tell me if this is normal??????


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