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Shirley Carson Catlin

If you have a dog that won't quit barking, jumping, tearing things, jumping the fence, etc. (hyper), I have been given mine 1 Benedryl (or equivalent generic/store brand) capsule, and after 20 minutes, if that doesn't work another one. Can hide it in a piece of bread or cheese. This calms them down. Of course, the ideal solution is to walk or exercise them to get them tired, but that's not always possible.

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If you don't have time to walk your dog, seriously consider giving it to someone who can. Benedryl is NOT the solution.
Dogs bark because they are bored. Give them a big meaty bone to chew on from the pet supply store if you have to leave them in the yard for a couple hours while you go out or while you are busy. That will keep them occupied. Then once you get home, take them for a walk. See, no benedryl :)


I give a 25mg dose to my dog for anxiety from time to time. She is 50 lbs and gets walks and tons of love and attention every day. Her vet said it's fine and is actually a conservative dose.


I'm a vet tech, and just giving a benadryl capsule to a hyperactive dog isn't a good idea unless you a) know the correct dosage based on your dog's weight and b) it is an occasional and/or emergency situation.
Benadryl dosage for dogs is 1 mg benadryl per pound of body weight. Regular benadryl comes in 25 mg capsules, so the dose is 1 capsule for every 25 pounds of dog. It is a pretty benign drug, so giving it occasionally to dogs is usually okay, however underdosing the dog is pretty useless and will not give results.
It is really not a good remedy for hyperactivity, but is good to have on hand for things like thunderstorms, fireworks or for dogs who get nervous on car rides.
Dogs who are destroying the house aren't going to be cured using benadryl. Some will need medications specifically for separation anxiety if it is really bad, but most just need proper training and exercise.
Btw, I always give my dog a dose of benadryl right before bringing her in for her vaccines. This not only takes the edge off from the scariness of going to the vet, but also helps protect her from any potential vaccine reactions.


Why not just get a calming collar? It works, I have a lab boxer mix PUPPY who has jealousy issue. Calming collar is natural and helps when the extra attention and chewy toys aren't enough.


Obviously, some of you haven't experienced a rat terrier who breaks lamps and clocks, terrorizes the other dog for hours on end until she's a nervous wreck. One who bounces off the coffee table, couch, jumps on the dining room table, knocks everything off of everything. Who eats...EATS books, earbuds, toilet paper, foil, carpet. Hours and hours of vigorous play AND my constant attention, jabbing my fingers down his throat to retrieve whatever he just ran off with. I show him love, patience, play games, chasing the ball outside until my arm hurts and work with training him daily but he never stops moving, running like a greyhound in a race and bouncing off of everything and everyone. Bloody scratches on our legs from him running across our legs when we're minding our own business, scratches on my face when he decides to jump off my head, knocking children down in his excitement, knocked me down once when he hit the back of my knee. I love my dog. He's smart but definitely has special needs! The herbs don't touch his hyperness. He has a sweet personality when he sits still for 2 minutes but I can truly understand the desire to calm them down so you can enjoy them and enjoy peace. Without a crate, our home would be in shambles and so would my nerves. I'd LOVE for him to be calm enough to leave out all day!


You people who think you are all that suck. Go give your own dog away! You probably have no clue how annoying a hyper dog can be. Are you all licensed vets or just know it alls by birth? Its not always as easy as it must be for you in your perfect worlds! You all probably walk your dogs on leashes too, like they're your little slaves. Benadryl sounds great! Going to get some now!

Frustrated pet owner

I have re doberman, mini pinscher and German shorthaired pointer mix. She was abused as a puppy and is very strong willed and hard headed. She can jump any length fence without a running start and one neighbor has started to complain. That's why I'm wondering about drugging her to calm her down.


I Googled this because my vet told me to give my dog Benadryl for itching and I noticed that his freaky hyperactive self calmed down. He is a 75 pound Rottweiler/Shepherd mix who gets two walks a day, tons of ball play, has a big backyard to run around in, and gets tons of love, and affection, and is still a freak because he gets overstimulated easily. He'll see a dog outside or a squirrel and start barking to get at it to the point where he's hyperventilating. No matter how much exercise we give him, he still does that. It's just his personality.

It never occurred to me to give him Benadryl until my VET told me to do it. I believe my dog will calm down as he gets a little older and after we neuter him in a couple of weeks. But, don't hate on the people who love their dogs and are looking for a way for everyone in the home to be happier.


I have a very hyper dog who receives physical exercise every single day. She has plenty of chew and enrichment toys. However, without Benadryl she's a destructive monster. Therefore for all you spewing negativity, you have no clue. Benadryl has been a life saver. As opposed to Tramadol which my vet wanted to give my little girl.

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