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Shirley Carson Catlin

If you have a dog that won't quit barking, jumping, tearing things, jumping the fence, etc. (hyper), I have been given mine 1 Benedryl (or equivalent generic/store brand) capsule, and after 20 minutes, if that doesn't work another one. Can hide it in a piece of bread or cheese. This calms them down. Of course, the ideal solution is to walk or exercise them to get them tired, but that's not always possible.

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I'm sorry but that idea I don't like its like giving kids riddlan that don't need it
cause there hyper, there kids hello, that cant be healthy for your dog if its overly hyper and too much to handle you got to give it unper scribed meds then mabey its not the dog for you, you may not see the results yet but your doing more damage in the end I beg you please find another way to handle your pet


Benadryl can be given to dogs OCCASIONALLY, for instance if they are having an allergic reaction (rash & itching.) However it should not be used on a regular basis. Instead try Bach's Remedies, a natural serum made from flower essences. Just one or 2 drops work wonders to calm down your pet!


Are you crazy???...How about we give you 2 benadryl a day and lets see if you can funtion!!! Its STUPID people like you that don't need pets!..And besides that it's prolly so HYPER because it NEVER gets ATTENTION!!!You seriously dont need a pet!

Research Scientist

If you find the need to give your pet Benedryl more than once in a while (severe thunderstorm etc...) then you should do your pet a favor and give it away. This is not an acceptable solution to an animal that just needs some exercise. If it's 'not always an option' then you should never have gotten them in the first place. Moron.


That is horrible. If you can't deal with your pets without drugging them then you shouldn't have them. You should not be allowed to own pets. I really wish I knew where you lived so I could report you to ASPCA.


you have taken too many drugs yourself.all dogs at some time jump bark until they are taught not to.what kind of person r u.abbuser.your poor animals what a terible life they must have.i wish i knew where you were.defensless animals that look up to us humans and you give them drugs.u piss me off


That is CRAZY!! OMG sometimes dogs are just doing whats in their nature...PROTECTING YOUR ASS...and you give yours DRUGS?! I SERIOUSLY HOPE YOU DONT HAVE CHILDREN!! you shouldnt even be allowed to keep a MOUSE!!!! Stupid Moron!


idiot!who do you think u r? i hope someone reports u!


I work at a boarding place and it is ok to give a dog benadryl if they are itching, acting really hyper, or if it is about to storm. It helps them to calm down and it really works.


Benedryl is NOT a narcotic! And frankly, if you want to calm down a hyper dog, Dramamine is much better. IF the alternative is dumping the dog at a killing shelter due to the barking, an occasional pill makes sense, along with some behavior training.

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